MUSIC core objective

MUSIC is strongly aimed at leading EU-HPDC/PIM factories to cost-based competitive advantage through the necessary transition to a demand-driven industry with lower waste generation, efficiency, robustness and minimum energy consumption.

The development and integration of a completely new ICT platform, based on innovative Control and Cognitive system linked to real time monitoring, allows an active control of quality, avoiding the presence of defects or over-cost by directly acting on the process-machine variables optimisation or equipment boundary conditions.

The Intelligent Manufacturing Approach (IMA) will work at machine-mould project level to optimise/adapt the production to the specific product and can be extended at factory level to select/plan the appropriated and available production line.

The sensors calibration and quality measurements will be the pre-requisite of Intelligent Sensor Network (ISN) to monitor the real-time production and specific focus will be also devoted to Standardisation issues.

The challenge of MUSIC is to transform a production-rate-dominated manufacturing field into a quality/efficiency-driven and integration-oriented one to exploit the enormous (and still underestimated) potential of HPDC/PIM through collaborative research and technological development, along the value chain with research groups, design, engineering and manufacturing companies and through advances in manufacturing, ICT and model process technologies.