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Smart Control and Cognitive System applied to the HPDC Foundry 4.0

A robust and competitive methodology developed under EU-FP7 MUSIC Project

Written at the end of the Project, this book, referred to High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) of Aluminium alloys, intends to analytically describe methods, tools, parameters and innovative approaches developed to monitor and control the process and the quality product.
The book collects the guidelines to design and implement the Intelligent Sensor Network (ISN) in HPDC production line as first outcome of MUSIC project. The monitoring network is able to provide useable, meaningful and quantitative data on product quality, as well as to define strategies (varying production process parameters, changes to the tooling, etc.) to move toward higher quality product with economic
efficiency. This real time control system capability is then presented and applied to industrial case-histories, showing how to train a cognitive-based ICT platform for the industrial optimisation of High Pressure Die Casting production transforming the acquired knowledge and control methods into know-how.
The “Control and Cognitive system”, which constitutes the final MUSIC outcome, will have a positive impact, in next years, on intelligent management of manufacturing information for new smart factory oriented to energyaware, agile manufacturing and customization.


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MUSIC - MUlti-layers control&cognitive System to drive metal and plastic production line for Injected Components