Exploitation Strategy

Securing maximum impact through exploitation is a goal of the industrial partners in this project. As
patentable advances are made, partners will protect their Intellectual Property Rights, and incorporate the
new knowledge and systems in new products and processes. MUSIC’s SMEs intend to be the first level of
new knowledge exploiters throughout production and distribution of better products and processes.

Expected results/ impact from the project

Service providers and suppliers (ES, MAGMA, ELECT, SAEN, MOTUL-BARALDI, REGLO, FRECH

  • Virtual prototyping, material model, process knowledge and real-time process control are the key elements to improve the high tech HPDC/PIM component for different sectors (e.g. automotive, aerospace, energy etc.) as well as to progress the ecological tendency of die casting production and increase its efficiency. The project closes the gap between the product design and the high pressure die casting process, between component performance/quality and machine-die power.
  • Improving the full CAE integrated approach to design the HPDC/PIM component
  • Increasing the consulting activity offered to all European companies
  • Offering advanced HPDC/PIM simulation tool
  • Supplying new monitoring system and self-adaptive devices
  • Proposing a scientific approach to control the HPDC/PIM process with the combination of monitoring system and cognitive model
  •  Improving and transfer the process knowledge at all level of manufacturing industry with particular vocation to SMEs
  • Distribution of advanced engineering software and process control system to the manufacturing sector.

Foundries manufacturers, end-users: AUDI, MAIER, RDS

  • Improved quality control, with real-time monitoring and re-active system
  • Cost reduction, low energy consumption, optimal equipment maintenance
  • Increased competitiveness

University and Research centers: GTA, DTG, TEK, IFAM, ASCA

  • In-field process knowledge
  • Improving training media and specific expertise
  • Development of standard, procedures and protocols

SME: ASSOMET servizi

  • Fulfilling the Association mission of CEN member