Call for Service Offers

Call for Service Offers in Support of Exploitation & Up-take of ‘Factories of the Future’ Project Results

Within the FoF-Impact coordination action, a small subcontracting budget (up to €10,000) has been allocated to the financing of services to projects or project participants. These services would help the project or project participants in increasing the potential of exploitation of project results.

Two requests for services have been identified and an anonymous description of the services can be found via the link below.

EFFRA is now looking for services providers that are interested in providing the requested services. Interested service providers are invited to contact EFFRA by 15 October with a brief description of their offer in relation to the requested services.

The services would have to be carried out before 15 December.  More details can be found here.



14 October: Public-Private Partnership Info Day

The annual PPP Info Day takes place at the Charlemagne Building (Brussels) on 14 October. This full day event centres on the 2017 call topics. Representatives of the European Commission will present, and answer questions about, each topic. In addition, EFFRA will co-host a brokerage session for participants seeking to join potential proposals or seeking potential project partners.

It is recommended that persons wishing to participate should register early due to the high level of interest.

Online Brokerage & Brokerage on the Day

Online brokerage is already open on the EFFRA Innovation Portal, enabling interested organisations to already identify potential proposals to join or potential partners.

If you are interested in presenting an expression of interest during the PPP Info Day brokerage day you must upload this on the EFFRA Innovation Portal. Uploading a presentation does not count as registration. Participants must register through the link below. Please contact EFFRA if you have questions concerning the brokerage session. Please contact the Commission if you have questions regarding registration (via the 'contact' link below.

All participants must register via the link below.

Registration | Agenda & Location | 2017 Call Topics | Contact

(*Please direct all questions regarding registration to the European Commission. EFFRA is not responsible for registration)

22 & 23 November: Factories of the Future for Aerospace Workshop

On 22 & 23 November EFFRA (supported through the FoF-Impact coordination action) and Aerospace Valley in a collaboration with CAPPADOCIA European project and Regional Council Nouvelle Aquitaine, will hold a workshop under the theme “Factories of the Future for Aerospace”. This event will take place in Bordeaux (France).

The aim of the workshop is to stimulate the take up of results of pre-competitive projects in Aerospace industry and present the actual and future innovative trends and emerging technologies. This event will include four Parallel ‘Pitch’ sessions which will focus on providing short and to-the-point presentations (‘pitches’) about innovative manufacturing technologies and approaches. Presentations will be approx. 10 minutes long.

The sessions will cover the following themes:

  • Pitch Session 1: Product and process Simulation
  • Pitch Session 2: Factory automation
  • Pitch Session 3: Advanced Material processing
  • Pitch Session 4: Collaborative supply chain

Invitation to Make a Pitch

Should you be interested in giving a ‘pitch’ presentation in one of these session, promoting concrete exploitable technologies and approaches, preferable resulting from an FoF project, then please let us know and contact

More Information

1 December: Factories of the Future – Making Innovation Happen

An event on successful industrial exploitation of FoF project results

The FoF-Impact project will hold its concluding event on 1 December at the Diamant Building (Brussels). This event will focus on the successful industrial exploitation of FoF project results is organised by EFFRA through the FoF-Impact Coordination Action in cooperation with the Co-FACTOR, EFFECTIVE, FOCUS and FOFAM Coordination Actions.

Event Aims

  • Show the tangible outcome of the FoF-7-2014 CSAs, in particular in terms of services that stimulate industrial exploitation
  • Promote services offered by other service providers
  • Promote exploitable results

By addressing the three points, the event will not only discuss services, but will also be a service to the projects.

Pitch Sessions & Exhibition

This event will include ‘Pitch’ sessions which will focus on providing short and to-the-point presentations (‘pitches’) about innovative manufacturing technologies and approaches.   Presentations will most likely be 10 minutes long. Participants interested in giving a ‘pitch’ presentation in one of these session, promoting concrete exploitable technologies and approaches should

The workshop will also host an exhibition area (as indicated in the draft agenda below) in which projects will promote their achievements.

A clear schedule of the presentations and contact details will be available before the event. This will enable participants to anticipate which session they would like to see and to get in touch with other participants.

More Information