The Aalen University of Applied Sciences is located in the eastern part of Baden-Württemberg and has the only foundry laboratory in southern Germany. The foundry laboratory belongs to the faculty of mechanical engineering and material science which is the largest faculty in Aalen.

The foundry laboratory in Aalen is famous for research and development activities in high pressure die casting with all alloys starting from Zinc to Magnesium, Copper and Aluminium using 4 die casting machines. The active role in the project will be the production of test castings using dedicated sensors and a newly-developed optimization strategy. Test castings will be analysed using a 3D-Computertomography which allows the detection of casting defects by size, position and shape.

 University of Aalen
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73430 Aalen, GERMANY
Key persons involved in the project


Key Persons




Prof. Dr. Ing. Lothar H. Kallien is heading the foundry activities in Aalen and is a member of the German Foundry Association Board. Prof. Kallien has published more than 100 papers on castings and casting simulation, has won the best paper award of the 2009 NADCA conference in USA on a new casting process and is a member of the scientific committee of several conferences related to casting technology. Prof. Kallien holds two yearly conferences on castings and high pressure die casting in Aalen. Kallien was EU Project coordinator in a BRITE/EURAM project on Optimisation of High Pressure Die Casting.

Role in the project: WP2 leader

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