MUSIC Project at  CO.SUMMIT 2015 last 10/11 March 2015 in Berlin

The 7th edition of the Co-summit was dedicated to 

‘Smart industry: impact of software innovation’. 


ENGINSOFT, as coordinator of the MUSIC consortium and developer of software and database, was invited to participate in the CO.SUMMIT 2015, to present for the first time a prototype of the MUSIC Control & Cognitive System.  ICT, Communication and software innovation for next generation of Factory of Future are the key elements of MUSIC project.

The Control&Cognitive (C&C) system will activate a cost efficiency loop in the high pressure die casting of light alloys (HDPC) and plastic injection molding (PIM) industry by introducing for the very first time an holistic approach to real time data monitoring, analysis and control of all the phases of the currently fragmented automated production lines.

The whole industrial sector is now “defect-cohabiting”: every year in Europe 150.000 to 250.000 tons of aluminum alloys are molten and cast mainly by HPDC only to produce scrap.

By decreasing the production cycle time, minimizing process temperature, detecting in advance the causes that determine a loss of quality and suggesting possible countermeasures, the Control&Cognitive tool is expected to provide up to a 40% reduction in scrap rate and a 40% decrease of quality control costs in promising exploitation scenarios.

This is achieved thanks to an heterogeneous network of sensors installed alongside the production line, which produce a continuous flow of data. Sensors and devices are connected to computing units by exploiting state-of-the-art industrial protocols. Data are then collected in a central database and analyzed in real-time by a machine learning module, whose output is fed into accurate Quality, Energy and Cost models.

At last, real-time and predicted information are delivered via a graphical interface to the end users, who can finally benefit of a new modern tool for supervising and controlling all aspects and components of the production lines at all plants.