Saen leading activities can be summerised as follows:

3D MODELLING WITH OPTIMIZATION AND DESIGN OF THE PARTS: Applying our experience, we can cooperate with our customer to define the part, optimizing it in view of the various production phases: diecasting, trimming, machining and assembly. We employ the simulation software to single out big masses, which create blows and delay the production cycle, and thin walls, which cause cold areas and therefore possible break of the part. We work with softwares as Pro-E, Unigraphics, Magma and, on request, we can also supply FEM analyses.

FILLING SIMULATION: Before defining the tool design, we make a filling simulation. This is very helpful to decide the position and dimension of the ingate with the relevant overflows and vents. The filling simulation is subdivided into various steps, up to the covering of the complete diecasting cycle.

PROTOTYPES: With the 3D file we are able to supply 1-2 milled parts in 2 weeks. In 4/6 weeks we can supply 50/300 parts out of sample diecasting tools; these parts can also be supplied as machined. Prototypes can be assembled and used in their function like series parts.

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE OF THE DIECASTING TOOL: With the optimized model and the simulation data we make the CAD-design of the tool. These data are then CAM-elaborated for the machine manufacture. 
The proper choice of the steel and of the heat treatments, the kind and peculiarity of the machines in our workshop, guarantee the quality and precision of our tools. 
We are able to build tools for diecasting machines up to 1.000 ton.

DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE OF THE TRIMMING TOOL: With the same CAD data used for the diecasting tool, we also design and build the trimming tool. So, as soon as we get the shots cast during the first sampling, the tool can be completed and tested in the shortest time.

SAMPLINGS: Samplings are carried out above all respecting the proper procedures to safeguard the integrity of the tools. By using the simulation parameters we go on with the casting till we get parts of very good quality.
The tools are preheated with the oil-power plant. The sampling parameters can be supplied to the customer as a reference for the series production. Samples are supplied in the required alloy and quantity, without ingate, deburred and shot blasted or trumbled.

MACHINED PARTS: Samples are also machined using custom fixing plates. Fixing plates are developed and built according to initial technical requirements and quality targets.   

MEASURING REPORTS: Parts are dimensionally checked with a tridimensional measuring machine. The relevant measuring report is supplied according to the documentation required by the customer.

Saen role in the project is related to the development of die-casting processes of Al secondary alloys for steering components and other applications, using numerical simulation tools, mainly in cooperation with ES and DTG.


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Key persons involved in the project

Key Persons






Mr. Filippo Voltazza in the company since 2005.

Business manager.

Head of process innovation, development and optimization.

Previous experience in NADIA project. 

Role in the project: Main contact person for strategic and technical issues

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Tel. +39 049 580 61 26