Founded in 1961, Regloplas is specialized in the desgin and production of temperature control units.

The main role in the project is to define, develop and validate the temperature control of the specific dies and applications. Regloplas will also support in designing an optimized monitoring system with the goal of inventing an adaptive system which automatically adapts to the situation. Regloplas will provide temperature control systems for the experimental phase as well as for the industrial implementation.

Specific experience, referred to specific Tasks: Regloplas has many years of experience in the die-casting industry which will be used here to define the state of the art of temperature control.

In regard to monitoring systems, besides a good background in customer solutions, Regloplas will be able to use results achieved in another European Project ESPRIT where basic monitoring systems are being developed for temperature control units.


Regloplas AG
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9000 St. Gallen, SWITZERLAND
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Key persons involved in the project


Key Persons




Mr. David Lowe. In the company since 1994.  Technical Director with mechanical engineering background. Many years of experience in regard to design and build of Temperature Control units (TCU’s) in the die-casting industry.

Role in the project: thermoregulation project manager

E-mail address:

Tel. +41 71 282 58 22

Mr. Andreas Kuhn. In the company since 2008. Engineering Director with electrical engineering background. Great experience in the development of control systems for TCU’s as well as various monitoring programs (i.e. Labview)

Role in the project: manager engineering (electrical)

E-mail address:

Tel. +41 71 282 58 45

Mr. Peter Kaufmann In the company since 2012. Project manager key account with mechanical  background.  Experience in regard to  build of Temperature Control units and variotherm systems (TCU’s)

Role in the project: thermoregulation project manager (mechanical)

E-mail address:

Tel. +41 71 282 58 43