RDS is a company founded in 1950, that in the years has developed a complete supply chain that starts from parts drawing and engineering, passes through mould construction, for arrive to high pressure die-casting of aluminium and brass alloy and to thermoplastic moulding. RDS works in the markets of automotive industry, sliding doors automation, electronic equipment, industrial automation, water pumps and furniture.

RDS is interested in the end-user application and industrial validation of the monitoring and cognitive system for the HPDC process.


RDS Moulding Technology S.p.A.
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35038 Torreglia (PD), Italy
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Key persons involved in the project

Key Persons



Dr. Enrico Barbero

Technical manager of the company, with a mechanical engineering background.

His graduate thesis was a structural simulation with ANSYS, after he worked in markets of industrial automation and production data managing and scheduling.

In company since 2003, he is the manager of the tooling construction area and the technical manager of high pressure die cast area and plastic injection moulding area. Now is the key account for the managing of automotive customers.

Role in the project: Team Leader

E-mail address: areatec@rdssubfornitura.com

Tel. 0039 0499934793