Founded in 1853, Motul is specialized in Lubricants and Lubrication technology. Motul deals with developing, manufacturing and selling lubricants particularly industrial lubricants in many fields including release agents for Aluminium High Pressure Die Casting (Motultech-Baraldi).

Motul role in the project is related to the optimization of the lubrication phase, also by installing equipment and devices able to control the lubrication phase in HPDC (e.g. control of thermal dynamism of the die, online control of several parameters linked to the lubrication phase like for instance the quantity of die lube sprayed in each cycle, the concentration of die lube in water and the quality of water).


119 Bd Felix Faure, BP94
93303 Aubervilliers Cedex, FRANCE
Key persons involved in the project

Key Persons



Mr Hervé Amelot: New General Manager of MotulTech since November 2012.

Role in the project: Administration

E-mail address:

Tel. 0033 148117031



Mr Luca Baraldi : Managing Director of Motultech-Baraldi (Italy). In the Company since 25 years. Member of Light Alloys Technical Centre of the Italian Association of Metallurgy.

Co-inventor of International Patent “Method to Optimise Temperature Regulation in Technological Processes (WO 2005/101155).

Role in the project: Team leader, reference contact for technical issues

E-mail address:

Tel. 0039 051946994