Since its foundation in 1988, MAGMA has been the pacesetter in defining a new direction for the foundry industry and constantly has provided new insights into the casting process through casting simulation.

MAGMA is a strategic partner of foundries, casting designers, and casting users and concentrates on the prediction and optimization of the physical processes in foundries using simulation. With the help of MAGMASOFT®, MAGMA optimizes the complete process of casting production from design through casting up to finishing.

In addition to the development and marketing of the software MAGMASOFT®, with the latest product MAGMA5, MAGMA offers complementary engineering services for the design and optimization of cast components and casting processes.

The role of MAGMA in the MUSIC Project considers the following activities:

  • Modelling and simulation of defect generation in HPDC casting process.

  • Modelling the phenomena occurring in the short sleeve and die cavity during casting. Short chamber filling and pre-solidification, entrapment of gases during the shot, transport and entrapment of gases in the cavity.

  • Modelling of development and growth of porosity. Entrapped air, shrinkage, intensification pressure, hydrogen level, ingate freezing off. These models may be based on physical models for porosity growth in sand or permanent mould castings although some new or simplified models might be adopted as appropriate or required for high pressure die casting process.


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Key persons involved in the project


Dr. Marc Schneider. In the company since 1995, head of the development with a  mechanical engineering background and since 2013  CEO and President of MAGMA GmbH. He has more than 20 years’ experience in casting process simulation including a special focus on transport phenomena and defect formation (oxidation inclusions, segregation, macro and micro-porosity).  He has served as WP leader and steering committee member in FP6 project NADIA.

Role in the project: Work package leader No 1

E-mail address: M.

Tel. [49] 241 88901 51



Erik Hepp. Project and research manager. In the company since 1995. He is material scientist and has 15 years’ experience in casting simulation. His focus are the thermo-physical and thermo-mechanical properties of casting alloys for the use in the simulation. He worked as administrative key person for MAGMA in several EU projects.

Role in the project: Project manager, member of the steering committee

E-mail address:

Tel. [49] 241 88901 55




Silke Wierichs. In MAGMA GmbH since November 1996. Her main job main work is the administration for the maintenance contracts and invoices for company software. Her newest topic is the administration of partner projects, supporting Erik Hepp primarily for time sheets and invoices.

Role in the project: Administrative officer

E-mail address:

Tel. [49] 241 88901 28




Rudolf Seefeldt. In MAGMA GmbH since 1995. He started at the engineering and services department, after that his main role was sharing the support team and now he works at the development department.

Role in the project: Project engineer

E-mail address:

Tel. [49] 241 88901 87