Held for the first time in Vicenza, Italy in 2002, HTDC Conference has become a key-event for the international industrial and academic community involved in casting processes of Aluminium, Magnesium and other non-ferrous alloys. The HTDC Conference series has been steadily  growing in quality, impact and participation in the following conferences, organised in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012. Today, Die Casting production is facing new challenges: from eco-sustainability and efficient energy usage to optimisation of product properties, from alloys’ properties improvement to design of lightweight components. Only an "open minded" approach, resulting in a high capability of being innovation-driven, integration-oriented and implementation-ready, will make Die Casting foundries successful in a international arena dominated by competition.

To sustain the development of this capability, i.e. the competitiveness in Die Casting production, HTDC 2016 will review: 

  • innovations, from alloys to processes, from design to applications, which are available to foundries, suppliers, end-users;
  • multi-disciplinary integration of concepts, methods and processes;
  • implementation, into the industrial context, of new and modern solutions for quality, efficiency, high performance.

The scientific and technical program of HTDC 2016 will be defined by a Scientific Committee, representing the most important international institutions and companies involved in Die Casting and related technologies. HTDC 2016 will be an exhaustive Conference focusing on scientific, technical and management innovations in the field of Die Casting, with papers and contributions from a very qualified panel of experts, with both academic and industrial background.


 HTDC 2016 will cover all the most significant aspects involved in Die Casting industry:

  • Raw materials (primary, recycled) and alloys (Aluminium, Magnesium, Zinc, Metal Matrix Composites…)

  • Processes (High Pressure Die Casting, Gravity and Low Pressure Die Casting, vacuum processing, semi-solid techniques, squeeze casting)

  • Equipment (Die Casting machines, furnaces, metal treatment units, robots…)

  • New approaches for product engineering and lightweight design

  • Characterisation (non-destructive, microstructural, mechanical) of products

  • Technologies for advanced and smart process control (lubrication, thermal conditioning, cognitive systems…)

  • Simulation of Die Casting processes and genesis and evolution of alloys microstructure

  • Materials and processes competition for the production of high performance castings

  • Post-casting (thermal, surface) treatments and operations for value added products

  • National and international standards and regulations

  • Eco-sustainability requirements and life cycle assessment applied to Die Casting production

  • Economical and logistic aspects of processes

 conference chairman

 prof. Franco Bonollo · DTG, Università di Padova, Italy


The MUSIC Consortium will be one of the sponsors of the event and will organize a public mini-couse about "Process Control".

Download the project brochure final edition, dedicated to the event! HERE