MUSIC PROJECT & Gender Issues

The Gender Panel of the MUSIC project, in view of the Report on Gender Issues due at the end of the project, has set up a questionnaire in order to understand, monitor and analyze a possible evolving situation as far as gender policies inside the MUSIC consortium are concerned. This action will furthermore provide interesting information to be compared with European suggestion on best practices in order to support and foster women involvement in scientific and technological research.

The questionnaire, sent to partners in order to collect information about gender, is totally confidential to preserve the identity of the participants.

The goal will be to extract the subjective impression from the members of the consortium about gender issues. Thus, with these information, the gender panel will try to check if the balance between the organizations and the personal impressions or needs is the right one.

Apart from the different points of view, depending on the gender of the participants, we will try to highlight the difference depending on the responsibility (the intention is to have the questionnaire filled in by all the members of each organization participating in the project, at any level ) and the perspective of those who have familiar charges and those who haven’t.

We would like to underline that the decision to open the discussion on gender issues within the MUSIC Project consortium in this specific moment is related to the fact that, also on a European level, the Commission performed a public consultation

to collect useful information concerning equality between women and men in order to prepare the Commission’s policy on equality after 2015.

The MUSIC Project website will support you all in these tasks, giving evidence to these initiatives and providing several useful documents, as compendium of good practices, European strategies, advices and policies related to promotion of gender equality as well as inputs about specific projects focused EU project on gender policies.

It’s relevant to highlight that “Gender” is a cross-cutting issue in Horizon 2020 and is mainstreamed in each of the different parts of the Work Programme, ensuring a more integrated approach to research and innovation.

Three objectives underpin the strategy on gender equality in Horizon 2020:

  • Fostering gender balance in research teams, in order to close the gaps in the participation of women.
  • Ensuring gender balance in decision-making, in order to reach the target of 40% of the under-represented sex in panels and groups and of 50% in advisory groups.
  • Integrating the gender dimension in research and innovation (R&I) content, helps improve the scientific quality and societal relevance of the produced knowledge, technology and/or innovation.

In many topics across the work programme, it is explicitly requested that applicants take into account women as well as men’s needs and behaviours. In addition grant beneficiaries commit to promoting equal opportunities and a balanced participation of women and men at all levels in research and innovation teams and in management structures.