EnginSoft is an Italian SME  founded in 1984 - but rooting back to 1973 - which operates in the field of numerical simulation, covering most of the areas where such technologies can have practical application (including mechanics, fluid-dynamics, acoustics, metallurgy, foundry processes, porous media, environmental engineering and the like). The company offers services and competence which are strictly interconnected in a ‘matrix’, both with regard to the key technologies, and to the knowledge required to make the best use of them. The matrix of activities covers: ‘vertical technologies’ (i.e. software and methods in the above CAE fields), ‘horizontal technologies’ (i.e. tools and competencies which are required to connect the specific applications, such as IT applications, optimization, CAD/CAE integration), multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise. The company is also a research centre for numerical methods in engineering acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. The Metal Processing Team offers high level of consulting in foundry process design with particular attention to high pressure die casting.

EnginSoft is the coordinator of MUSIC project like in FP6 NADIA project. The technical role in the project is the development of a cognitive system based on real time monitoring. Data acquisition, data elaboration and process modelling capabilities will be implemented in a commercial software for future distribution within manufacturing sectors.

EnginSoft and some of the MUSIC partners collaborate since a long time in combined research, material testing and software implementation in the field of foundry processes (IDEAL, NADIA).

 EnginSoft SpA

Via del Giambellino 7, 35129 Padova, ITALY
Tel. +39 049 7705311 , fax +39 049 7705333

 Key persons involved in the project

Key Persons




Dr. Nicola Gramegna. In the company since 1995.  Business Manager devoted to Manufacturing Process Simulation, Design Chain approach, Training, Innovation Technology and R&D. Professional experience in advanced structural analysis, process simulation, heat treatments and machining. He also deals with design chain and product/process optimization (particularly for high pressure die casting), sensitivity analysis and manufacturing process control through non-linear models. His experience in metallurgy, manufacturing processes and mechanical component Design and Optimisaton is the background to manage European Projects focused on industrial research in automotive and aerospace field like the NADIA project  where ENGINSOFT was the coordinator (or the previous projects: Irewo, Coprofound, Metro, IDEAL). Last experience was temporary lecturer at University of Padova (2010) for the course “Numerical tools for process design”

Role in the project: Coordinator

E-mail address: n.gramegna@enginsoft.it

Tel. +39 049 7705311

Mob. +39 348 2509496





Dr. Marisa Zanotti In the company since 2006. MA (Hons) in Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Languages and Literatures. Specialization in International Marketing Management.

Master in Art and Cultural Management.

Previous experience in Educational Project related to Interreg and Marie Curie initiatives.

Project assistant for coordination, organization of meetings  and dissemination in the NADIA project.

Appointed as Task Leader and Training Director for the MUSIC Project.

Role in the project: Coordination Assistant

E-mail address: m.zanotti@enginsoft.it

Tel. +39 0461 915391

Mob. +39 366 5867462



Dr. Luigi Perna is IT Manager at EnginSoft. He obtained his MSc degree in Civil Engineering at University of Padua in 1986. Among his roles in EnginSoft, he is responsible of: integration of CAE systems to common databases, dynamic simulations and optimization of industrial manufacturing machines, Web system framework design for product verticalization. In addition to his duties at EnginSoft as IT Manager and HPC (High Performance Computing) expert, he has teaching duties at the University of Trento, mostly focused on computer programming and web programming. His current research interests are in the field of HPC and CAE.

Role in the project: Database and IT system supervisor

E-mail address: g.perna@enginsoft.it

Tel. +39 0461 915391





Piero Donaggio holds a M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering obtained at University of Padova (2007). He is an expert in large-scale data mining and computer vision algorithms development, focused on manufacturing process. He is also a senior embedded software developer with strong programming skills in C/C++, real-time concurrent programming, database and Unix system administration. He has professional experience of Agile team management as a Scrum master. Technical coordinator of FP7 FeedNetBack project. Thanks to his previous experience in real-time process analysis and control, in MUSIC he is involved in data acquisition and communication, database and software architectures design, and machine learning algorithms for HPDC and PIM process.

 Role in the project: WP3 Leader

E-mail address: p.donaggio@enginsoft.it

Tel. +39 049 7705311