ELECTRONICS GMBH is the leading partner of the HPDC Casting process with regard to special sensors and process monitoring. Founded in 1979, Electronics has been continuously developing the HPDC monitoring techniques and now holds more than 650 applications which are currently operated by many HPDC companies. New Electronics sensors and monitoring methods help to optimize castings and foundry processes.

ELECTRONICS GMBH role in the MUSIC Project is to create a new real-time monitoring system and related sensors aimed at proactively identifying all the scraps so as to eliminate the cost  (in terms of time and effort) of their late checking over; to provide real-time data for simulations so that they can be tuned in accordance with current castings parameters; to grant HPDC process know-how and procedures suitable to be exploited even by technicians without any deep and specific background.

Electronics GmbH
Kirchstr. 53, D- 73765 Neuhausen / F., GERMANY
Telefon: +49 (0) 71 58 - 6 04 65 , Telefax: +49 (0) 71 58 - 71 44
Key persons involved in the project

Key Persons


Joerg Gauermann.  Founder of the company and head of the development, he has been working in the Die-Casting area since 1956 and currently deals with electronic research and development. He has published many papers related to HPDC Monitoring and data analysis and holds a number of patents in the HPDC field as well as in other areas.

Role in the project: Head of the company

E-mail address: j.gauermann@electronics-gmbh.de

Tel. +49 (0)7158 9876047


Uwe Gauermann. 1964 Born in Utzwil, Switzerland. 1970 - 1989 Primer education and Professional education in Brescia, Italy. 1982- 1989 first work experiences in the die casting area by Euro Electronics Brescia, Italy a company founded by father J. Gauermann

1989 - 2001 Technician with ELECTRONICS GmbH, Germany, a company founded by father J. Gauermann in the 1970's. Since 2001 CTO and managing director, ELECTRONICS GmbH

Role in the project: Project team leader - Managing Director

E-mail address: u.gauermann@electronics-gmbh.de

Tel. +49 (0)7158 9876047