The MUSIC Project has successfully partecipated in the last three editions of the International CAE Conference, annual event for Simulation based engineering and Sciences.

During the 2013 edition, MUSIC was hosted at the Project Dissemination area with a poster and some "Quattrogradi" glasses, one of the plastic demonstrarors used for the project research.


We could register a good presence at our informative desk and also the first indirect "success" of the MUSIC project, since the Poster presented by Roberto Meneghello, University of Padova, obtained the first prize of the  Poster Award initiative.

His work on "Thermo-fluid dynamics model of two-phase system alloy-air inside the shot sleeve in HPDC process" is the result of a thesis research performed in collaboration with EnginSoft SpA in the framework of the MUSIC project.


In 2014 the Project chose the Conference Venue to promote several initiatives, apart form the annual review meeting with its consortium, officer  and reviewers.

In fact the MUSIC Public Training on Sensoring, Process Data Management and Process Simulation was organized, attracting the participation of an international audience. The training course provided the perfect context to release the first official publication collecting the MUSIC achievements and results of the research obtained up to that moment (read more in the training section).

The MUSIC guide to key-parameters in High Pressure Die Casting”

The project reconfirmed its presence also inside the Project Dissemination Area with the support of Baraldi srl and in the Poster Award initiative with IK-4 Tekniker.


The 2015 edition has provided the MUSIC Project the possibility to show the Beta version on the MUSIC "Control&Cognitive System (C&CS) in the Research Agorà of the International CAE Conference, on October 19th and 20th, 2015, also thanks to the support and the sponsorship of Assomet Servizi s.r.l.

The C&CS, developed by EnginSoft S.p.A., will activate a qulaity control and cost effficiency loop in the high pressure die casting of light alloys (HPDC) and plastic injection moulding (PIM) industry by introductingfor the very first time an holistic approach to real time data monitoring, analysis and control of all the phases of the currently fragmented automated production lines.

 Further more, Elena Fiorese and Franco Bonollo, presented the paper "Analytical computation of the plunger kinematic parameters affecting quality in HPDC" in the Foundry session of the Conference.