Assomet Servizi has been founded in 1989. Its mission consists of:

-      supplying support services to promote, on Italian and European basis, the knowledge and the use of non-ferrous metals,

-      organising and managing specific activities for industrial companies, such as statistical elaborations, feasibility and economical studies,

-   publishing bulletins and reports on technical, economical and standardisation issues concerning non-ferrous metals,

-        carrying out market and information studies for companies involved in non-ferrous metals,

-     organising congress and seminars on technical, market, economical and standardisation issues, to improve the competitiveness of non-ferrous metals industry.


Assomet Servizi is highly involved in the activities of the Italian Standardisation Body for non-ferrous metals and alloys (UNIMET), and well used to interact with EU Technical, Economical and Standardisation Bodies.

Assomet role in the project is mainly that of focussing on the Standardization aspects of MUSIC project, with specific reference to quality of high pressure die-castings, and elaborating a related CEN Workshop of Agreement.

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Key persons involved in the project

Key Persons



Dr. Claudio De Cani. Director of Assomet Servizi srl, he has a wide experience in organisation of technical & economical activities, meetings and  seminars in the field of non-ferrous metals and alloys.

 Role in the project: Team leader

E-mail address:

Tel. 0039 0289303679



Dr. Giancarlo Mei (Florence - 1933), married, graduated in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna, has worked in positions of increasing responsibility from 1959 to 1993 at the SMI, now KME. In 1994 he was appointed President Unimet, after being for two years Vice President of the BNR (British Non Ferrous Metals Research Laboratories).
He has also been Assomet delegated in Eurométaux working groups and UNI delegate for  CEN Technical Committees 133 and 164.  He is professor at the University of Florence - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

 Role in the project: WP7 leader

E-mail address:

Tel. 0039 0289303679



Alessandra Milanese

 Role in the project: Administration secretary

E-mail address:

Tel. 0039 0289303679